4mg CBD Lollies Apple & Strawberry

4mg CBD Lollies Apple & Strawberry

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CBD Lollipops Cibiday - 4mg Cannabinoid

These travel friendly and easy to use CBD infused Lollipops are a great alternative to gummies and are a discreet and pleasant tasting way of consuming CBD Cannabinoids on the go in an easy and effortless way.

CBD lollypop contains extract from healthy hemp containing 4 mg of CBD per individual unit. The lollipop, which has a weight of 12 grams has a surprisingly tasty flavor in which the cannabidiol-rich hemp extract is clearly visible but certainly not predominant.

It forms a perfect combination with the distinctive taste of traditional sweets. This makes it possible to snack and at the same time provide your body with small bits of CBD. With each lick on the lollipop, a portion of the effective ingredients is absorbed by the mucous membranes in your mouth and passed through your bloodstream.

High-grade CBD lollies from Cibiday, these are not made in someone garage as is the case for a lot of CBD lollies on the market in the UK - proper, certified CBD hemp products from the UK's Premier CBD Retailer and Hemp Paper Producer.

Cibiday BV is a company based in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and specializes in hemp products rich in cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD.

CBD Lollipops UK - Cannabinoid Sweets
Cibiday CBD Products UK
Weight of the lollipop: 12 grams
CBD content: 4 mg Per Lolly
CBD Sweets On A Stick
Apple or Strawberry
Without a psychoactive effect
CBD extracts from EU-certified hemp